Velocity & Arm Care Program

This program is only for OKC Academy Individual Members & OKC Academy Teams. If you want to become a member you will either need an individual or team membership. Members can test their shoulder health / strength at any time with their app (video lead self assessments) with access to the measuring equipment located in the member closet.


  • In Season (Mid March – Oct. 31st): Daily personalized arm care, recovery, and velocity training based on the individual player’s arm health test results  – All via the app


  • Unlimited Shoulder Strength / Health Self Assessments: Self test your player anytime with our access to our testing equipment, and track your progress in the app  – “Stop guessing & Start Assessing!”


  • Off Season (7u – 13u) Jan. 1 to Mid March: App based (at home) Strength (body weight), Velo, & 10 Week pre-season throwing program


  • Off Season (14u & up) Dec. 1 to Mid Feb: App based (at home or the gym) Strength (weight room or body weight), Velo, & 10 Week pre-season throwing program






Equipment Needed:

While the equipment needed will total around $225, your player will be using most of this equipment year round. (i.e. should and hip bands will be used before every practice and game). This investment is less than most bat purchases, and a bat won’t make you stronger.


2-3 different resistance levels of Crossover Cords based off the ages below ($45 per resistance level, click link to purchase)

  • 8u-9u: 3lb & 7lb
  • 10u-12u: 3lb, 7lb, & 10lb
  • 13u-16u: 7lb, 10lb, & 15lb

1 hip & core Crossover band ($45, click link to purchase)

  • 7u – 9u Yellow Hip & Core Band
  • 9u-12u Red Hip & Core Band
  • 13u+ Blue Hip & Core Band

Wall Slam Ball: (you can purchase and of the 3 weights with this link)

  • 7u-10u – 6lb
  • 11-12u – 8lb
  • 13u+ – 10lb

Small Medicine Ball: (you can purchase any of the 3 weights with this link)

  • 7u-10u – 4lb
  • 11-12u – 6lb
  • 13u+ – 8lb

Weighted Plyo Balls (you will need 2): (click this link to purchase any of the 3 weights)

  • 7u-8u – 1lb plyo balls
  • 9u-10u – 1.5lb plyo balls
  • 11u+ – 2lb plyo balls

$0.00 / month

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