Aiden Williams

2026 Mustang H.S. - P, MIF, OF

Andrew Collins

2026 Dale H.S. - 1B, 3B, P

Blake Bailey

2027 El Reno H.S. - MIF, OF, P

Braden Larkins

2027 Piedmont H.S. - MIF, OF, P

Cruz Gillespie

2026 OCS H.S. - MIF, OF, P

Ethan Whitener

2027 Piedmont H.S. - 3B, OF, P, C

Gentry Rinkle

2027 Yukon H.S. - 2B, OF, P

Jose Rojas

2026 Spencer H.S. - 2B, C, OF, P

Kane Dunlavy

2027 Edmond Memorial H.S. - 3B, C, P

Kike Anderson

2027 Edmond Santa Fe H.S. - MIF, OF, P

Tyler Kirby

2027 Mustang H.S. - OF, P

Coach Information


Justin Williams


Team Information


Tourney Only: (USSSA Majors)

Tournament Frequency: 3 Per Month On Avg.

Practices: Central OKC

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