Off-Season Strength Program (At Home)

Program Designed By:

Justin Williams (Former Pitcher: San Diego Padres Organization)

Ryan Brown (Dr. Of Physical Therapy / Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist)



About The Off-Season Strength Program:

The off-season strength program is specifically designed for baseball and softball players. Players will build strength and stability in baseball/softball specific positions with results that will directly carry over to the field. The off-season program is 100% app based and is for any baseball or softball player that is 8 years old and up. Each day your player will open our app to reveal that days work. The average workload on any give day is about 30 minutes. The program was designed to be done at home with a minimal investment in equipment, but with maximum results. The program includes full strength training and conditioning on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays. On Tuesday, Thursdays, and Saturdays the focus is arm strength (improved velocity and faster recovery), mechanical overhead throwing reprogramming drills (dry – no throwing), and for baseball players the art of the pickoff to all bases (dry – no throwing).

The off-season program can be started on Nov.1 (and go to Jan 24th), OR Dec. 6th (and go to Feb. 28th) – you will select your player’s start date when you checkout.

Both start dates will take your player into our 10 Week Pre-Season Throwing Program – if you choose to participate in that program (not required). The 10 Week Pre-Season Throwing program begins Jan 1 and will overlap this program for the last 4-6 weeks if you choose to do both (highly recommended).


About The App:

When you purchase the off-season program you will receive an email with instructions on how to download the app, and register inside of the app. You will use the same email address to register in the app as you do the checkout on our website. The day before your “start” date we will load the off-season program into your app.

Every exercise has a video explaining the exercise. There are also “intro” videos to explain the over philosophy behind certain things – arm bands for example.


Equipment You Will Need To Buy For The Program ($250):

These pieces of equipment are essential to building strength and reducing injury risk for the duration of your player’s career as a baseball/ softball player. We kept the list of equipment as minimal as we could. This equipment will be used all year, and not just in the off-season strength program. If you sign up for our 10 week preseason throwing program (that starts Jan 1.) you will not need to buy any other equipment. The same goes for the in-season strength and arm care program.

Click on the description below to be sent to each website where you can purchase the items.

$50 – (2) Dumbbells from Dick’s. Take your player to the store and have them do 10 lunges (video here). They need to struggle to get to 10 reps for each side in one sitting. If they can’t get 10 reps then you need to repeat the exercise with lighter dumbbells. If 10 reps were not strenuous enough then you need to repeat the exercise with heavier dumbbells.

$3910lb Wall Slam Ball for floor slams and wall rotational exercises

$15Mini band 5 pack for certain exercises

$40pull up bar for doorways

$13 Weighted Ball For Arm Care Upward Tosses (21oz for 11u and below, 32oz for 12u and up)

$10 – 3lb Bodylastic Bands (you need 2 – one for each arm)

$11 – 5lb Bodylastic Bands (you need 2 – one for each arm) 

$12 – 8lb Bodylastic Bands (you need 2 – one for each arm)

$15 – Bodylastic Bands Handles



The cost of the off-season program (for non-members) is $89.97. It is billed at $29.99/month for 3 months. You will be billed the day you signup, and the next two months on that same day. The 3 month subscription automatically cancels after the 3rd billing date.


OKC Academy Members:

This program is $1/mo for you. The $1 subscription will automatically cancel after 3 billing cycles. Be sure to log in to your account before checkout in order to sign up for the off season program at a discount.


$29.99 / month for 3 months

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