8/28 Hitting Camps (6u-8u) 2PM-4PM

Saturday 8/27 (9u-13u): 6 Total Spots

Sunday 8/28 (6u-8u): 6 Total Spots


During the last hitting camp (July) the 8 players that attended all increased their exit velocities. The average increase across the group was 12%. Most of the players gained between 5-8 mph.


Instructor Justin Williams:

  • Former Pro (San Diego Padres)
  • 10 years experience as high-level youth baseball coach & private hitting / pitching instructor


What Makes These Camps Different?


You have two hypothetical players. Let’s call them Player A and Player B.


Player A goes to team practices and hits a ton of balls on their own. This player will get only marginally better over a long period of time.


Player B is given the knowledge and understanding and applies it along with the same “reps” as player A. Player B will be a VASTLY better hitter than Player A in a much shorter period of time simply due to the better understanding and their knowledge helping them get to better outcomes. Players only get marginal results with “extra reps”, compared to “extra reps plus the understanding”.



Take math for example. You will not get better at fractional division, by doing a worksheet of those problems every day. Your answers will always be guesses because you don’t have the knowledge or understanding of how to solve fractional division problems.


However, once you are given the knowledge of flipping the last fraction, and it now is as easy as cross multiplying the numbers – so now you’re a pro.


That’s what this camp is all about. Giving players the understanding and knowledge first, then doing drills to help them “feel” it so they can have those lightbulb moments. This is not a camp where we will take 1000 swings and do drills for 4 hours. This is a camp where it will be a mixture of education and reps, so players are better hitters when they leave – due to understanding how to achieve better game outcomes.


Pricing & Age Requirements:

Hitting –
6u-13u Baseball & Softball

Members of the public: 6u-8u – $100  |  9u-13u – $150

OKC Academy Players & Individual Members: $75 / $125


Hitting Camp Topics Covered:

  • Mental Approach Before You Step In The Box
  • What Is A Proper Load
  • Launch Position
  • “The Turn” & Being On Plane
  • Timing & Contact Points



Time, Date, & Location of  the camps:

Saturday 8/27 (9u-13u) : 2PM-6PM (30 min food/drink break around 4PM for 30 mins – Bring your own lunch – no refrigerator on site.)

Sunday 8/28 (6u-8u) : 2PM-4PM (will will have a snack break in the middle of the camp)

OKC Baseball & Softball Academy 100 N. Rockwell Ave. #92 OKC, OK 73127

Directions: From I-40 & Rockwell head north on Rockwell. About 1/4 mile north of Rockwell you will see a Canadian Pines Business Park Sign on the right (east side). That sign is the 100 N Rockwell address. Turn in at the sign and we are the last building on the left.


What players need to bring / wear:

A sack lunch – FOR 9u-13u campers only – no refrigeration on site. 6u-8u can bring a snack

Water Jug

No Cleats – wear tennis shoes

Wear Shorts / T-Shirt

Hitters – Bat, Helmet, & Batting Gloves (If they use gloves)



Refund Policy:

No refunds once the camp is purchased.

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