Generally, the day following a heavy workload, the arm likely feels stiff. Typically, pitchers lose about 10 degrees of internal rotation following a start. Getting back to throwing without taking care of these mobility limitations is a recipe for disaster, as it can alter joint position and movement of the throwing arm.


The sooner these are addressed, the quicker you will be back to throwing at full capacity.


Spend at least 10 minutes on mobility for two days following a start to restore range of motion. It’s especially important for starting pitchers who need to be ready for their bullpen sessions which occur mainly 72 hours after an outing.


Your arm may feel smoked, but keep it moving. Muscle contractions squeeze the lymphatic vessels to help remove fluid and waste built up in the muscles. Muscles and tendon regeneration require some load as part of the remodeling process.








1 Day After A Pitching Outing Or Tournament:


2 Days After An Outing Or Tournament:


3 Days After An Outing Or Tournament: The return to full throwing is different for everyone and should be adjusted based on your rotation and how the arm feels. If your arm feels “good” (8 or above) then long toss & Bullpen for pitchers OR long toss For position players. If you arm isn’t feeling like an 8, then repeat yesterdays work.


4 Days After An Outing Or Tournament: Pitchers: If you long tossed and threw a bullpen yesterday then you can take the day off throwing. If you DID NOT throw a bullpen yesterday than you can today.


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